Hasbro Pulling Trolls Doll Due to Sensor Placement That 'May Be Perceived as Inappropriate'

Hasbro Pulling Trolls Doll Due to Sensor Placement That 'May Be Perceived as Inappropriate'

DreamWorks Animation Poppy in Trolls World Tour

Hasbro is pulling one of its toys from shelves after a Change.org petition alleged that the placement of one of its features could have "long term affects on a child's mental/physical health."

In the petition, Jessica McManis wrote that the Dreamworks Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy doll — which "gasps and giggles" upon activation of a sensor between the toy's legs underneath its skirt, as shown in a video shared on Twitter — "needs to be removed from our stores."

"Our society is conditioning our children to think pedophilia is ok," she added. "What will this toy make our innocent, impressionable children think? That it's fun when someone touches your private area? That pedophilia and child molestation are ok?"

"It's not ok!" McManis continued in the petition's description. "It's not fun! It's damaging and has long term affects [sic] on a child's mental/physical health!"

Hasbro spokeswoman Julie Duffy gave a statement to the Providence Journal, insisting that the placement of the sensor "was not intentional."

"This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate," she said in her email to the publication.

"This was not intentional and we are happy to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value through our consumer care team," Duffy added. "We are in the process of removing the item for purchase."

Dreamworks Branch and Poppy in Trolls World Tour

By Jen Juneau

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