Can you guess what Fox News and Netflix have in common?

Can you guess what Fox News and Netflix have in common?

Clorox, Netflix, Purell, and Zoom are considered among the most patriotic brands in the United States, according to the 18th annual Brand Keys consumer survey released today.

The four, credited with helping Americans make it through the still raging COVID-19 pandemic, are on the list for the first time, joining brands long perceived to be red, white, and blue, such as Fox News, The New York Times, Disney, and Hershey’s.

On top of the list compiled by the New York-based brand engagement and customer loyalty research firm is Jeep, followed by Amazon, Walmart, American Express, and MSNBC.

The other nine brands in the patriotism rankings for the first time are Allstate, Campbell’s Soup, Domino’s, Farmers, Geico, Home Depot, Progressive, T-Mobile, USAA, and Verizon.

“We’re all in this together, but these brands were more in this together with you,” says Brand Keys president Robert Passikoff. “It’s the politics, the pandemic, and protests. The brands that fall into the Venn diagram of those three things are the ones people are attributing the value of patriotism to more strongly. It’s not that other brands aren’t patriotic.”

The list was compiled using answers from a national sample of 5,370 consumers, ages 18-65, half men and half women, and one-third each Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Brand Keys looked at more than 1,000 brands in close to 100 sectors.

“With the exception of Jeep—the brand that’s No. 1 every year for the 18 years we’ve done it, because it owns patriotism—everything on the list was brands that showed up. They were there for people when they felt they needed something. It went beyond primacy of products and how they were viewed, how they resonated with this value. They didn’t have to paint themselves red, white, and blue.”

Here’s the full list, complete with how brands ranked last year:

  1. Jeep (same)
  2. Amazon (+10)
  3. Walmart (+6)
  4. American Express and MSNBC (same, +2)
  5. Clorox and Netflix (new, new)
  6. Disney and Levi Strauss (-4, -1)
  7. Ford and The New York Times (-4, +1)
  8. Fox News (+2)
  9. Hershey’s and Purell (-2, new)
  10. Coca-Cola and The Washington Post (-6, +6)
  11. Coors and USAA (+3, new)
  12. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (-5, new, new)
  13. Apple, Domino’s, and Zoom (+4, new, new)
  14. Jack Daniels and Ralph Lauren (-3, -3)
  15. Twitter (-3)
  16. Progressive Insurance and Sam Adams (new, +2)
  17. Dunkin’, KFC, and Pepsi (-4, -3, -3)
  18. Google (+8)
  19. Colgate and Gatorade (+3, +7)
  20. 7th Generation (+7)
  21. GEICO and Old Navy (new, same)
  22. Kellogg’s (-2)
  23. Nike and Wrangler (same, +4)
  24. Craftsmen Tools (-2)
  25. Allstate and Farmers (new, new)
  26. Home Depot (new)
  27. Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s (-12, -12)
  28. New Balance (same)
  29. Campbell’s Soup (new)
  30. Starbucks (-5)


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