Are you smoking too much weed?

Are you smoking too much weed?

Are you smoking too much weed?

Anyone who makes getting stoned his or her life rather than part of it may need to get a hobby… or a job.

Here’s some twisted logic. While it is acceptable in the U.S. to refer to a person who drinks too much booze as an alcoholic, calling someone a stoner or pothead for having an overly enthusiastic devotion to the doobie will almost certainly rile up the cannabis advocacy community. In this circle, the preferred nomenclature is “cannabis connoisseur” or “patient” — really any moniker that doesn’t defer to the Cheech and Chong stereotype.

Yet regardless of the given name, there are still those members of stoned society that, let’s not candy-coat it, make smoking weed such a priority in life that all of their real-world responsibilities, like work and family, seem to fall by the wayside. While it may be a stretch to call these people “cannaholics,” anyone who makes getting stoned their life rather than part of it may need to get a hobby…or a job.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you might be riding the thin line between connoisseur and full-blown pothead.

Your relationships are suffering

Anyone who smokes weed has, at one time or another, had relationship troubles. But if a cannabis user is in a position where it is difficult to fulfill family obligations because somehow he or she is always too stoned to drive when it comes time to pick up the kids from school or take mom to her doctor’s appointment, it could be time to consider a little break.

You are on the verge of being fired… or can’t get a job

Like it or not, work is an essential part of living. After all, weed and all that other crap most humans need to survive can get expensive. So if getting high is putting your job in jeopardy, a total reassessment of what’s important could be in order. Also, if you are having difficulty finding a way to pay the bills because you can’t clean up long enough to pass a drug test, you might be residing deep in pothead territory. Just saying.

You have weed, but cannot pay your rent on time

This is a big one. Paying rent or a mortgage is typically the largest bill most adult humans have to contend with. It is that one expense that must be met every month to keep us from being kicked out into the streets. Considering the importance of shelter, it stands to reason that if a person’s cannabis consumption is chipping away at the monthly budget in as manner that makes it difficult to make rent, it’s time to get a grip.

Look, it’s none of our business how much cannabis a person consumes or how they manage their lives. But the reality is, as much as we all love it, cannabis can still bring on some unwanted stress. Sure, this is mostly due to its overall legal status and the stigmas associated with it, but these variables are still very real.

Common sense goes a long way toward keeping it together out here in the big, bad world. Regardless of whether a person is medicated, ripped out of their minds or existing in a completely sober bubble of boredom, the struggles will find a way in. Just do your thing the best you know how and hope for the best. That’s all any of us can do.


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