About Unminced Words

Unminced Words was started as a way to share artistic, social and political creations without gatekeepers mixing into the process.

In just a single day, a new idea can become a reality- and I love that. Plus, I don't carry inventory, so the overhead is low- and that makes having a store with low prices totally affordable. When someone buys a shirt, mug, bag, etc., that item is then printed and shipped. It's simple. 

My hope has always been that Unminced Words can sustain itself and that people turn to Unminced Words for gifts for friends, family or themselves. These designs all bare the Unminced Words name and we've sold items worldwide.


Our Team

My name is Michael. I write TV shows and movies in a business that is so full of gatekeepers and roadblocks that it's difficult to get things made. In 2018, I started Unminced Words as a side hustle - something positive and fun that makes every day a good day.

Arthur Welten is my Creative and Marketing Manager. He lives in Brazil and we work via google chat and trello (a group task managing app).

Oscar is my dog and he was the first true face of the company. He's a bernedoodle- a combination of a Bernese Mountain dog and a poodle. He's super-loving, kind and the kind of dog everyone likes to have nearby. I guess you can say he's in charge of morale. :)


Products and Services

  • Original Design Services: Want your idea to be available as a collection or just on a shirt, mug, hat, etc.? Email us and we’ll help make that happen.
  • Our Products: Unminced strives to make the best quality items, whether it’s shirts, hats, mugs, bags or art, the goal is to have great quality always.  I want our shirts to be so comfortable you could sleep in them. Quality matters to me.  I'm all about the quality.  This isn't a massive chain store making things in a foreign country by the thousands with shareholders to answer to.  This is an independent company only looking to keep going and growing.  We want you to come back to us because you like our attitude and love our creations.

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Happy to answer any questions. We have a primary office located in Nevada and frequent Los Angeles, CA.

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